Woning fam. Haga

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Woning fam. Haga
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Small projects
Buro de Haan
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About the project

From the HSB factory Groenprefab and the contractor Groenveste, we got the opportunity to engineer and control the production for this house. The house is made of HSB elements and must be produced with high insulation values.

The contractor would like to reduce the construction time on the construction side, so we decided that the house must be prefabricated. It could be built as easily as a Lego house. The construction time for this house should not take more than three days.

The main building of this house has great open space. The contractor doesn’t want a temporary construction, so we have to get the prefabricated wooden elements ready for the plaster layer. To shorten the construction time even further we had to merge the internal doorframes and installations into the elements. The timber beams and steelwork are made directly from our Tekla model and produced through different suppliers. These elements are provided with all necessary operations delivered directly to the construction site

From the Tekla model, the department “maatvoering” of Buro de Haan measured out the house on the construction site and did a follow-up check with a 3D scanning of the anchor points, on which the Tekla model was checked again.

By using Tekla, the elements fitted together perfectly. It was also well coordinated with the other suppliers (window frames, installations, etc.). As a result, a quick construction time could be realized within the expectation of the contractor.

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