Victory Twin Towers

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Victory Twin Towers
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Politechnika Gdańska / Dawid Bogut

Building with an office and hotel

The project was designed for the purposes of the TEKLA BIM AWARDS competition by Dawid Bogut, a 1st year student of the master’s degree studies in civil engineering at The Gdańsk University of Technology. The Victory Twin Towers is a building with an office and hotel function together with accompanying services on the ground floor level and two underground parking levels.

The building consists of 2 underground floors and 38 overground floors. The total height is 1357 meters from the ground. The hotel part is located on the P1-P7 stories with a total usable area of 21,252 square meters. Each of the towers consists of 31 office stories with a total usable area of 65,751 square meters.

The Victory Twin Towers was designed using monolithic technology. The building was constructed on a slab foundation of 1.5 meters in height. On the garage level, the building has a panel-to-column construction system. The main vertical structure are monolithic cage-elevator shafts, which maintains the vertical position and changes its location on the floor plans. The building has reinforced concrete floors with the mixed wall-beam and column system on the common part. In both towers, due to a need to obtain significant spans, compressed-concrete ceilings based on pillars and beams were designed.



Overground floors
Underground floors
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