University of Wisconsin Music Performance Building

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University of Wisconsin Music Performance Building
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Public projects
JMT Consultants
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United States

The University of Wisconsin Music Performance Center is a 75,000 GSF building designed to be a marquee musical performance center for the University of Wisconsin – Madison students, faculty, and special guests. The building will host a 650-seat main concert hall, a 320-seat recital hall, a rehearsal room for the full orchestra, and assorted spaces for public and private administrative use.

Project highlights include variable acoustics, integrated recording, high-end finishes, unique architectural precast.  This project will serve as a “gateway” to the UW Madison campus, as it is the first official campus building along University Ave, a main arterial road throughout downtown Madison.

The structure of the building is a hybrid of steel, concrete walls, and a few glulam beams. Steel framing and decking rises from the basement and supports all floors and roof areas. However, the Concert Hall is framed by 80’ tall walls poured with self-consolidating concrete and braces steel on all sides. Large concrete acoustical chambers also rise 30’+ from a supported concrete slab on the second-floor level. The roof of the Recital Hall is framed by glulam beams and wooden decking. The exterior will consist of curtainwall window systems, V-Shaped precast panels, metal panels, and stone veneer.


314 tons
612 tons
Project Cost
$55.8 million