UNDIP Multipurpose Building

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UNDIP Multipurpose Building
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Universitas Diponegoro; Akhmad Khoironi S, Nizam Bagus P, Salsabil Wahyu W
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Multipurpose Building

Nowadays in Indonesia, BIM or Building Information Modelling is something new in Civil Engineering field.

In fact, with BIM we can get pieces of information such as the amount of material, quality of material, and unit price.

This project called “UNDIP Multipurpose Building”. This building made for various events such as graduations, meetings, student gatherings, and many more.
The reason why we choose this project as a competition because this building has complexity and variety of elements in it. One such element is the used of glass facades, this element can reduce the use of light energy, the provision of space for plants and air circulation is comfortable so as to reduce the use of Air Conditioner.
Furthermore, we want our design to be used as a new standard in construction where affordable AR & VR technology can be applied in Indonesia.
In this building project we use much software. For structure we use TEKLA and for architectural we use REVIT. And for AR (Augmented Reality) we use SimLab, 3DS MAX, Vuforia, and Unity.

Tekla Structures