UAE Pavilion Expo 2015

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UAE Pavilion Expo 2015
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The project was designed by 'Arch. Foster + Partners and definitely have centered their goal, to bring a part of the Emirates in Milan. The dimensions are 40 meters wide, 142 meters long and 13 meters in height for a total weight of about 1100 ton., All the floors are made from prefabricated slabs supported removable and fixed on our metal structure.
The pavilion is divided into five sectors, Body A (office area) - Body B (area show, lectures) - Body C (catering) - Body D ('s waiting room) - Body W (input or Canyon)
Firstly I must thank the Stahlbau Pichler, Bolzano, now one of our customers with whom we have a relationship that lasted several years, for giving us the opportunity to address this challenge, in fact, when we contacted was July 7, 2014, the times were already tight if we had all the information needed to develop the project, but it was not so, because that was all part of the coating load CanBuild based in Hong Kong was still a big question mark.
In the early exchange of information we found several problems since they could not provide BIM file to import into our model, since it used the traditional AutoCAD and as you can see the geometry of the coating is variable in all three dimensions.