Transition tower in the form of a figure of a lion with an eagle

Project name: 
Transition tower in the form of a figure of a lion with an eagle
Project category: 
Small projects
Belenergomash BZEM, LLC
Project location: 
Russian Federation

Stylized support of 110 kV overhead lines in the form of the coat of arms of Belgorod

The support is an active structure consisting of two chain OHL of 110 kV.

5869 parts were produced for the support, assembled and welded in 1619 sending elements, and connected to the installation of 5805 bolts. The support was installed on a pile foundation of 28 six-meter reinforced concrete piles united by a grillage. The foundation required 91 cubic meters of concrete.

The steel structures are reliably protected from corrosion by the ’hot dip galvanizing’. Additional aesthetics and symbolism are given to the structures by decorative coloring in the colors of the coat of arms of the city of Belgorod.

So that city residents and visitors could admire the new attraction, which set a new record as the first in Russia and the world support of power lines in the form of the heraldic symbol of the city. The factory workers worked hard for the fame.


What were the challenges and what made the project successful? 

  • Steel construction modeling LOD 500 made with Tekla Structures by specialists of Belenergomash BZEM LLC
  • Tracking drilldown status with Tekla
  • When using Tekla, the test assembly was not performed at the factory
  • Tekla BIMsight (ed. Trimble Connect) was used at the construction site

The project in numbers:

  • Steel – 33 tonnes
  • Height – 26.3 meters
  • Bolted joints – 5805
  • Made for support – 5869 parts


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33 tonnes
Support height
26,3 meters
5869 parts
Tekla Structures, Trimble Connect
Best Small Project