Trafikplats Vega

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Trafikplats Vega
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ELU Konsult AB
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The infrastructure project for the “Trafikplats Vega” submitted by ELU Konsult AB is an excellent project using Tekla 3D model without drawings. We are very pleased to be able to submit this project to Tekla Global BIM Award.

Project description

Trafikplats Vega is a cast in place traffic interchange with bridges and retaining walls. 3D model without paper drawings.

Everything has been modelled in Tekla and it is a BIM project. The project has been without drawings except simpler model views that have been extracted from the model. ELU has developed the design documents. What made this project unique is that all the designs and construction are only in 3D models without drawings, as well as the number of piles and advanced bridge design. To manage that, ELU developed their own components in order to effectively arm trumpet-shaped constructions. The project is one of Trafikverket’s (Swedish Transport Administration) first BIM initiatives where much focus has been placed on the UDA parameters.


No paper drawings used
Best Infrastructure Project