Tollare Torg

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Tollare Torg
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CONSTRAVIA Sp. z o.o. sp. K
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Tollare Torg  is a project of residential buildings located in Nacka (Sweden). The project consists of one main 8-storeys building and five 4- storeys buildings. Whole project will have approximately 8700 m2.  An  underground garage is designed under the residential buildings. The property will be executed using the "Design and Build" rule.  This method requires very good coordination and smooth information exchange between entire project team.

At the beginning of the design process our company started to combine work of electricians, installers, architects and other design members, into one model. Our know-how and experience in BIM technology made it simpler. The buildings are designed in precast technology. Usually the installations are located inside the precast elements. This enforces an individual approach to each element. Often some precast elements looks similar but they differ in installations inside. One of the problem in this project  was to find an optimal placing for installations and design ways of pipes and electrical cables in whole structures without collisions. Using ifc reference files allowed us to look at this problem globally but solve them in detail . This way of work allows to solve the problem before  it occurs at the build side- it is much cheaper.  We have to gather and manage many informations from all investments participants. Thanks to BIM technology and possibilities of Tekla Structures we could make documentation very fast and avoid mistakes.  To the drawing documentation we could attach reference files, thanks to it  all changes on them were made automatically, more over  3D modeling shows all collisions so designers can eliminate them in the office, not on the building site.  We exchange informations  with companies in other countries using ifc, dwg, pdf files and reports. Attaching this files as reference objects into model allowed to communicate without words - understanding without misconceptions and detect collisions and make corrects. Changes were easy to make in every project phase, production planning and work on the construction site were well organized, efficient and correct.

Right now two buildings are in progress at the construction site, the rest  of them are designed and produced. The estimated completion is scheduled for mid-2016.