THALES Campus Bordeaux

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THALES Campus Bordeaux
Project category: 
GA Smart Building
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THALES plans to gather its 2 aeronautical activities located in the Bordeaux area in one unique site, in Merignac (33), the south west of France. Existing sites concerned are:

Thales Airborne Systems (TSA) currently located in Pessac.

THALES Avionics (TAV) currently located in Haillan.

Both sites have gradually grown (construction of new buildings, extensions, implementing temporary buildings, the oldest have decades) but now it is no longer possible to optimize the floor space of each site.

The development of a new modern site for industrial and engineering involving 2300 employees, has become a real opportunity for the exploitation and development of industrial activities.

The Bordeaux region, a major skills cradle for Thales, was imposed to host the new unique and modern site. The area of the Aéroparc (development project of the Urban Community of Bordeaux), certified global competitiveness cluster Aerospace Valley, and meeting both the needs of market developments and Thales activities, has been chosen.

The implementation of the project, named Campus Air'lnnov, will be built on a 55 ha plot at Airpark. The perimeter of Air'lnnov project covers 16 hectares. The 2 stairs buildings all together, will occupy about 56 000 m2.

The complex is divided into 3 distinct parts:

The entrance building, representative and architectural vocation. This building includes a reception area, a showroom, work and relaxation areas for customers and also the company restaurant.

The plant building, divided into 7 basic blocks containing employees working spaces, and various laboratories and workshops. A main road runs between all blocks.

Building Technical Services, from where the site will be managed and operated.

The best BIM project of 2016, The best commercial project