Tekla Localization Files Custom Installer

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Tekla Localization Files Custom Installer
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TSGuide OÜ
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With this tool, BIM managers simply need to update the necessary files once, and then users can run the tool locally without hassle. As a bonus, this tool can also be used in the same way to update any types of files – not just Tekla Structures localization settings!

NB! You can get the tool from this link www.tsguide.eu/product/tekla-custom-installer. Use the coupon "TeklaAwards2020" in order to get it for free. This coupon is valid until the end of the competition (30.09.2020).

Problem that app solves

Tekla Structures has many folders in different locations, and for each new version released, all users need to copy some localization files to the correct locations. For many users, this can be confusing, time-consuming, and there’s a big chance that something will be done incorrectly.

Having one BIM manager perform an update to all user’s computers a few times a year is highly impractical.

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Sten Tuudak, TSGuide OÜ, Estonia

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Tekla Developer Awards 2020 application called "Tekla Localization Files Custom Installer" helps BIM managers.