Strength laminated veneers lumber plant

Project name: 
Strength laminated veneers lumber plant
Project category: 
Engineering Office Kozlowski-Projekt
Project location: 
Russian Federation

The task aims at construction of a high strength laminated veneers lumber. The MLT OOO company investment is run in the city of Torzhok, Russia, and makes the manufacturer the biggest producer of this type of veneers in Europe.

The project prepared by the Kozłowski-Projekt engineering office includes steel support structures for over 30 objects with a total weight of c. 1300 tons. Together with the equipment they constitute the facility processing line. The scope of work includes static calculations, workshop and assembly documentation.

Diversity of subsequent manufacturing stages was the main determining factor for using an individual approach to each object, understanding its functions and requirements of given processes.
The said lumber is not the first such an extensive project in the Kozłowski-Projekt engineering office portfolio. However, the main aspect making this task so unique is the project delivered before deadline while still maintaining proper quality. Lack of clashes detected during the execution and assembly, simplicity of assembly, guaranty of proper support and equipment operating as well as good communication are the yardstick of this project success.