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Akerveld Engineering
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The Stolper drawbridge (“Stolperophaalbrug”) is part of a road construction between the villages De Stolpen and Schagerbrug in the northern part of the province of North Holland, Netherlands. The whole project with an estimated total value of € 8.7 million was completed in August 2015.
The Stolper drawbridge which has been designed by architects Zwarts & Jansma, has been carried out with non-coupled balances, each placed on a slim style. The bridge is 14 x 17 meters and has lanes for pedestrians, cyclists, cars/heavy traffic (60 tons classification). This movable bridge has been equipped with an electromechanical drive, placed in a concrete basement. The initial drawings have been made in 2D Autocad.
Akerveld Engineering has detailed (design and construct) the entire bridge, its drive and concrete land abutments in 3D model.
The Akerveld team has made the main and detailed calculations for both bridge and the drive. In addition, they have made all overview and workshop drawings of the fencing, bridge and its drive.
The bridge has been constructed by the business combination Beentjes and Hillebrand on behalf of the Province of North Holland.