Statue of Liberty Museum

Project name: 
Statue of Liberty Museum
Project category: 
Public projects
High Concrete Group
Project location: 
United States

The Statue of Liberty Museum is a new museum on Liberty Island that features precast concrete panels around the perimeter except for the glass façade of the building that faces Lady Liberty and allows the patrons of the museum to always see the statue. The structure also features a large staircase at the front that leads up to a green roof for a unique vantage point of Lady Liberty.

The part of the project that we were responsible for is the large insulated precast concrete panels around the outside. The panels have a very distinct vertical rib pattern and the concrete mix and finish were created to give the appearance that the panels rose up out of the stone around the island. Our precast panels were designed to withstand flood waters and also interface with the steel structure. The precast concrete Tekla model was modeled to a Level of Detail (LOD) 400 which means the concrete parts are modeled accurately and in their correct location, all hardware including lifting devices are modeled, and all reinforcing were added to the pieces.

We also utilized the layout point manager to create layout points and export the file to be loaded onto a total station for laying out the panel locations onsite.