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Sports & Recreation projects
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Multi-functional football stadium LIPO Park was built in a record time of 18 months, starting in August 2015. General construction company Methabau is responsible for planning and building of the CHF 60 million project. In addition to the stadium with just over 8,000 seats, several single boxes and a VIP room, the building accommodates a generous retail and service space and about a thousand square-meter terrace. A special feature is the largest in-roof photovoltaic system in Switzerland, which creates three times the electricity used in LIPO Park.

Planning and construction

Tekla model was used starting from the bidding. The bidding model contained only rough data - in the building application phase, all construction-relevant definitions were then already defined. From the execution planning, emphasis was placed on very precise detail, including 3D reinforcement. The BIM model evolved from LOD 100 to LOD 400 and 500.

Project information was exchanged between all planners, also externals, in IFC and DWG format. All coordination meetings and general meetings were conducted based on the BIM model.

It was possible to dispense with tons of blueprints by issuing the layout points to the surveying equipment. In the basement, over 580 precast wall elements were set without a single 2D plan. Also the complete environment planning was conducted machine-controlled and the sewer created in advance, thanks to the layout point – Tekla model data. The detailed planning was gradually supplemented by site data ("as built"). Thus, the model can continue to be used during service work and serves as a data base for extensions and attachments.

LIPO Park project was chosen as the winner of Tekla DACH BIM Award 2017.

How BIM was beneficial in this project

  • BIM planning (as-built model) makes further installation and removals possible at any time.
  • "Roundtrips" in Tekla Structures makes a project very visual and understandable for everyone involved
  • Planning far more than just precast concrete or steel construction in Tekla Structures brings many benefits. Capturing your own profiles, components, elements and importing 3D components saves time during planning work
  • A variety of plans could be dispensed with by issuing layout points
  • Good possibilities for data exchange via IFC, DWG, direct interfaces
  • Coordination sessions run smoothly based on Tekla BIMsight
  • The chairs and concrete elements were planned in Tekla Structures, read in as IFC in Archicad and labeled. Then only the label was read and checked in Tekla Structures
  • Tekla model was perfect for controlling the seat mounts against the reinforcement as more than 24,000 holes were drilled


BIM model
LOD 400 & 500
Building time
18 months
Project value
60 million CHF
Number of seats