Slovak National Soccer Stadium

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Slovak National Soccer Stadium
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Sports & Recreation projects
Stavokov projekt, s.r.o.
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New National Soccer Stadium in Slovakia

The National Football Stadium or ’Tehelné Pole’ is our biggest and greatest investment for modernising football stadiums in Slovakia.

The stadium is built in the location of a previous stadium ( legendary Tehelné pole), and it retains continuity of the environment.

This project meets the highest criteria for the standards for the UEFA 4th category.

There will be more floor space for VIP zones, SKY-boxes and conference rooms. Underneath the stadium will allow for more than 1,000 parking spaces.

The design incorporates the most advanced methods of the membrane grandstand roofing.


It is designed intuitively and divided into the four cardinal points:

 - The North Grandstand

 - The East Grandstand

 - The West Grandstand

 - The South Grandstand

From a construction standpoint the steel construction of the South and East Grandstands are identical.

The construction of the North Grandstand is lower to improve lighting for the neighbouring buildings.

The West Grandstand is lying on the bearing reinforced concrete roof construction.

A cantilever is incorporated around all grandstands for shade and weather protection.

The baseline statics schemes for all grandstands is console.

From the statics and architectural points of view, only the East Grandstand and  South Grandstand have the same shapes.


The linings of cantilevers differ for each grandstand.

 - The North Grandstand: 23.30 meters,

 - The East Grandstand: 29.00 meters,

 - The West Grandstand : 24.38 meters,

 - The South Grandstand 29.00 meters.

The cantilevers are designed as truss girders, which are anchored into the reinforced construction.

The North Grandstand cantilevers are adjoined to the steel frame that’s anchored to the beared reinforced concrete components of the grandstands.

The back part of the construction creates cantilever and tension rod for the external cladding.

The cantilevers on the West Grandstand are joined to the two-span steel frame, which is anchored to the roof beared reinforced fragments.

The cantilevers on the East Grandstand and the South Grandstand are joined to the steel column.

In the back part of the construction is a tension truss balancing system which is designed from a steel horizontal cantilever and a system of two tension trusses.

In the longitudinal course, the stability of the roof construction of all grandstands is secured by trussed bracing.

Construction membranes of the upper bars with convex curve lines of the membranes are constructed with reserves so they would avoid the contact of membranes which could cause problems with water leakage.

The front roof section is 12 meters long and is designed to add more lighting. This construction is designed with rolled section IPE and jakle steel sections.

The polycarbonate plates (th = 10mm) will be sitting on top of them. The upper bars' diagonal tying brackets are designed from jakle steel sections. 

Diagonals, verticals and the bottom horizontal parts of the truss are constructed from seamless steel tubes.

During the assembly phase, the vertical diagonals for longitudinal tension truss (L=8.15 meters) secure stability of the cantilevers and especially secure the reinforcement of function from the horizontal action of the membranes.

The steel constructions are made up of two parts and put together on site. It will be anchored to already installed plates or screws.

The whole project was unique and complicated considering its shape options and complexity of construction.

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