Slachthuis Sus Campiniae

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Slachthuis Sus Campiniae
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CRH Structural Concrete Belgium
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The project of Sus Campiniae is an abattoir, designed for a capacity of 8000 pigs every day. It requires the highest standards for food industry buildings, not only for European usage, but for export to the whole world. Therefore, every detail needs special attention and consideration whether it complies with all existing regulations. The main structure is built of prefabricated concrete, but there are also important steel structures present that needs to fit well onto the prefab concrete. Furthermore, throughout there is a steel structure the entire building carrying all the conveyors. This steel structure is connected and carried by the concrete columns.

The immense time pressure formed an extra challenge. With only little more than two months between the time we received the order and the time we started the erection of the structure. Without the use of BIM tools to coordinate all last-minute changes we would never have been able to deliver on time. The erection itself was also performed by CRH, with two teams working simultaneously. The coordination with the erection leader on site was also done with Tekla.