Shopping Center NeuerMarkt

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Shopping Center NeuerMarkt
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Max Bögl
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The construction project NeuerMarkt („New Market“) is a shopping center constructed in the Bavarian town of Neumarkt. The center covers an area of 23.000 sqm, including stores, services, restaurants, medical practices, office buildings as well as a hotel and movie theater. In addition, the complex provides approximately 550 parking spaces.

The project’s investor, contractor and operator is Max Bögl, Germany’s largest, privately owned construction company.

The four-story shopping center spans approximately 180 x 200 meters and consists of a mix of in-situ concrete, precast elements, double walls and steel construction. In early project phases an architectural model was designed with Trimble’s SketchUp to visualize the design. Estimation was based on a Revit Modell. For the detailed design the team relied on BIM software Tekla Structures.

The detailed design for steel construction was completely undertaken with Tekla Structures. The team generated 2D-drawings as well as NC data for the company’s own steel fabrication plant. In total, 1000 tons of steel were used for construction and more than 20 models from different planners were coordinated.

Max Bögl also created a Tekla model for the concrete construction, half of which was fully detailed with rebar. The model was then used to create rebar drawings and generate data for fabrication, such as bending machines, mesh welding systems and circulation plants. The other half of the concrete construction was planned with conventional 2D tools by an external partner.