Severstal Coke Plant

Project name: 
Severstal Coke Plant
Project category: 
Cube srl
Project location: 
Russian Federation

Detailing 3 moving structures for the coke production plant

Cube has been appointed by Paul Wurth Spa as the company responsible for calculation, detailing of 3 moving structures for the coke production plant in Cherepovets, Russia.

The 3 structures (respectively idle and driven bucket cars and coke transfer car) are similar to machines due to complexity and numbers of mechanical interfaces and devices, and are moving along rail-like boogies.

The coke transfer car extracts coke directly from the coke oven and transfers it on bucket cars running below with a capacity of 60 tons.

The overall weight of the machines is over 600 tons. They have been developed via over 250 drawings other than model sharing for take-off quantity.


Challenges and success

Key points of the project can be summed up in the following:

  1. Multi-disciplinary project with continuous monitoring and checking of interfaces, movable parts and piping items.
  2. Continuous design variables in terms of mechanical input that, while being a leader for milestones and structural deliverables, was constantly late. Consequently the structural engineering had to be readily adaptable to changing in terms of modeling and drafting retrofit.
  3. The cars have been built in different production sites with consequent requests for personalization in terms of output, shipping dimensions and transportation means.
  4. Strict time line due to inaccessibility of the site plant during the winter period.

This has been a non-typical project where integration of Tekla parametric modeling has been used in interface with calculation model (SAP2000) and as a shared data model for mechanical sides, together with instruments for time valuation and scheduling.

A whole 3D model has been managed and consequently transformed in a wide data-base (federate model)

Overall weight of the machines
600 tons
Moving structures
over 250
Tekla Structures, Trimble Connect