Saga Natatorium

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Saga Natatorium
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Sports & Recreation projects
Yantai Daizo Design Co., Ltd (China)
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Saga Natatorium project

Saga Natatorium is located in the northeast corner of the Saga Stadium in Japan.

The natatorium is a SRC structure building, with a total weight of about 1300 tons. The model was completed in 10 months by five people 5 (1 person in charge, 2 main members of the company and 2 new employees).

When Tekla Structures is used for modeling, there are two difficulties:

1. Reinforcement holes are needed in some parts of the SRC structure and steel structure. Because reinforcement is too complicated, there are too many changes in reinforcement holes.

2. The joint of roof root and outer wall is a specially shaped structure, so it is difficult to model and draw.

Because there are too many design changes during the project, we basically use Tekla automatic connection functions to create the nodes and components in the model. 

Throughout the whole project, we are benefitting from the new function of Tekla structures and Tekla warehouse. During the modeling process, we also use some parameter blocks and use API to develop some new nodes. We basically use the automatic editing developed by API to output drawings.


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Total weight
1300 tons
10 months
Modeling group
5 people
Tekla Structures
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