Safran Malakoff

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Safran Malakoff
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Office building in Malakoff

Through a marketer/investor meeting led by Safran in 2018, GA Smart Building and Batipart began work on a 22,000 m2 office building in Malakoff on boulevard Charles de Gaulle. Anticipated delivery is pre-end 2021, the architect is Studios Architecture. The GA Group covers full BIM design and construction management, structural element, facade, and comfort fitting fabrication in our factories, up through on-site assembly.


What were the challenges encountered that contributed to the project's success?

Contemporary and durable, the building was designed by the GA teams with a biophilic approach. It offers users balconies with vegetation, beautiful terraces adorned with an urban garden and a manicured garden. Along with its high performance HQE certification and Effinergie + energy efficient qualification, the future Safran offices in Malakoff now target the "Weil" gold-level label. The project must be completed in record time, with minimal environmental impact of the worksite and effluviant pollution, even though the site is very constrained within a high density neighborhood. Off-site construction proposed by GA is critical for this project.


How have Tekla Structures and BIM benefited you? What other Trimble tools or software have you

Tekla Structure for all the prefab elements, poured in place, the ironwork, and the worksite facilities. (sharing for numerous designers working in tandem, construction drawing production, worksite planning, connection with prefab production ERP.) Trimble Connect to manage IFC TCE, coordination. Tekla BIMSIGHT for clash detection.


Project Figures:

  • Prefab volume: 7,500 m3
  • Prefab elements: 4600
  • Volume on-site pouring: 4,200 m3
  • Height: 36 m Length: 140 m Max width: 60 m
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Prefab volume
7500 m3
Prefab elements
Volume on-site pouring
4200 m3
Dimensions (HxLxW)
36 m x 140 m x 60 m
Tekla Structures, Trimble Connect