Puente Nanay y Viaductos de Acceso

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Puente Nanay y Viaductos de Acceso
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TSC Innovation
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Bridge over the Nanay River in Peru

The city of Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. It is found in the Amazon basin, along the Nanay and Amazonas rivers in the Loreto region.

The bridge over the Nanay River will be a 2.2 km long viaduct located in northern Peru, specifically in the city of Iquitos. The viaduct will connect the Bellavista districts on the right bank of the Nanay river with the Santo Tomás district on the left bank of the river. The city can only be reached by plane or by boat. With a population of more than 500 thousand people, it is the largest city in the world that cannot be accessed by road.


Project in numbers

The main section over the Nanay River is a cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 438 m. The approach structures are 1184 m long on the right bank of the river and 320 m long on the left bank of the river. The bridge has a high incidence in the structural heading, around 85%. Some specific data are the amounts of work: quantity of 35’000m3 Homigón, reinforcing steel of 6000 tons, structural steel of 5800 tons.


Use of BIM

TSC Innovation in collaboration with the Pueto Loreto Consortium has been applying the most advanced use of BIM models and VDC methodology to ensure constructability via industrialization during the redesign, reengineering, and execution of the project.

For the structural item as it is the most incident item of the project that is currently under construction, a form of construction based on industrialized components, integration strategies, and technological tools is developed that provide data for optimal management that is allowing us to achieve the objectives of term, cost and now clear the reduction of labor on site. The information of the BIM models of production in the pre-construction stage has been giving us an important improvement to the project, Customer-Supplier-Builder-Planner agreements are constantly being developed, the connectivity between the production processes of the plant and work has to be found with the use of initially made-to-measure systems, based on plant production software and BIM technology.

Length of the bridge
438 m
Reinforced steel
6000 tons
Structural steel
5800 tons
Tekla Structures