PTDC Logistics center

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PTDC Logistics center
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Joint venture Freeway, SOK Kiinteistötoiminnot Oy, Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy, Betonimestarit & Luja Betoni
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The new PTDC logistics center owned by the Finnish S-Group is located a few kilometers east from Kerava town in Bastukärr, Sipoo. The center will be used by INEX Partners. It will house the logistical functions of S-Group’s grocery business, complementing the INEX logistics center completed in 2012. In the future, the center is to transmit a large part of the S-Group’s product selection.

The building covers circa 190,000 m2 with a total volume of 3,400,000 m3. The project includes one large U-shape logistics building, an auxiliary building, and two smaller units. It is to be completed in five stages starting from the dry produce section in the north and expanding to offices in the east as well as a large frozen space in the south. Due to its exceptional volume and duration, the project sets a challenge to each participant.

The building frame is precast concrete units. During a good two years, it will receive 16,373 units, the largest of them weighing 50 tons. The concrete frame is to be completed during fall 2015. The building’s outer shell is made of light elements and sandwich structures.

It is founded on the ground except for its west end. Special features include own heating production system. It is to become the largest logistics center in Finland as well as the biggest geothermal plant in the country. Underneath, circa 200 km of geothermal piping has been bored to lead to the nearby dedicated hybrid thermal power plant. Another specialty is a huge freezer section that connects with other premises through a separate inner casing. All HVAC systems and maintenance facilities are located between this casing and the outer shell. The cold section covers 330,000 m3, and its temperature is kept down at -26 degrees (Celsius) by using carbon dioxide coolers.

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