Pont Amédée Saint Germain Armagnac

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Pont Amédée Saint Germain Armagnac
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Stendess N.V.
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In the context of the Bordeaux Euratlantique project, Pont Amédée Saint Germain Armagnac is scheduled to be commissioned in 2020. It will pass over a railway yard approximately 180m wide, located south of Saint-Jean station, to create a connection between the future districts of Amédée St-Germain and Armagnac. The design and construction supervision consortium consists of Marc Mimram Architectes/Ingénierie (lead firm) and Artelia. The bridge was manufactured at Victor Buyck Steel Construction. Ingenieursbureau Stendess was responsible for the main calculations, details and the general and workshop drawings.

The bridge has a length of about 200 meters and weighs 2,200 tons. The total width is 20.8 meters. The steel deck consists of weathering steel, while the arches above the deck were treated against corrosion and being painted. The pedestrian and bicycle space is separated from traffic by a highly visual element structure, the arches.

Pont Amédée Saint Germain Armagnac was transported from Victor Buyck's workshops to the site in about fifty sections. These were assembled and welded together on a platform. A first spectacular stage, was completed successfully on December 2, 2017, with the launch of the first half of the steel framework above the railway tracks. The second (and last) launch took place recently during Ascension weekend, i.e. from May 6 to 8.


200 meters
2 200 tons
Pre-fabricated steel sections