Plateforme Logistrielle

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Plateforme Logistrielle
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GA Smart Building
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Project description

As part of the development of an area of activities under the possession of the former aerial base BA217 located in the municipality of Brétigny-sur-Orge, AFT presents a development project with complex logistics: an "e-commerce" building in which storage activity will be carried out on two levels, preparation of orders, conveyance and consolidation of orders coming from various sites. The land on which the platform project, with an area of 306,341 m², is located in the Brétigny-sur-Orge municipality in the department of Essonne. It is located on the hold of the former aerial base BA 217, previously the property of the Ministry of Defense.

The latter is located in the south-east of city center of Brétigny-sur-Orge, approximately 23 km south of Paris. For the e-commerce building, it is scaled to welcome approximately 1,400 people simultaneously. The e-commerce building is composed of a unique main building whose dimensions are approximately 308 meters long by approximately 152 meters wide for the operational area, and 270 meters long by 26 meters wide for the office area. They are separated from each other by a REI120 firewall.


What were the challenges encountered that contributed to the project's success?

  • 140 000m² on 3 levels designed, precast and built in 13 months.
  • First precast column has to be erected 2 month after project launching to respect global schedule.
  • Very short time allowed for design and fabrication.
  • Precast columns of 27t which had to be poured outside of the factory.
  • Integration of client internal process design (from Holland) for a global overview.
  • Use of Tekla Model Sharing between 9 designers and 4 engineers.
  • Need to deliver a global as-built complete model to the client.


What benefits did BIM and Tekla Structures provide to you?

Industrial process of GA using Tekla Structures, Trimble Connect, Status Sharing for conception, fabrication, and supervision on site between all actors (designers, clients, factories, site managers, BIM management, sub-contractors).

FullBIM project (from conceptual design to facility management). Use of Tekla Model Sharing on site.


Total cost
86 Million €
60 700
317 * 182 * 21m
Prefabricated concrete components
12 610
Weight of reinforcements
3018,5 tons