Pedestrian Bridge Across the Otava River

Project name: 
Pedestrian Bridge Across the Otava River
Project category: 
EXCON, a.s.
Project location: 
Czech Republic

Two bridges for pedestrians and cyclists

Close to Václavské Předměstí Suburb, the River Otava is crossed by two bridges for pedestrians and cyclists having an unequal length and a width of 3.3 meters, which meet up on a platform with a square shape on pillar P2, embedded in the river and situated close to the left‑hand bank.

A pedestrian bridge having the length of 81.7 m spans across the River from the right‑hand bank (support O1) to the pillar. A bridge linking the left‑hand bank (support O2) and pillar P2 has the length of 46.7 m. A ground plan of both bridges is linear.

With respect to the configuration of the terrain, a bridge deck has been placed to the lowest level possible while a level of the hundred‑year flood has been considered. With regard to the architect´s shape, layout and spatial intents, the solution which has been adopted is one that does not affect the visual aspects of the river. High structures,minimal dimensions and height of pylons will not contradict architectonic or natural landmarks of the town.


Special challenges

Combination of architectural requirements with the static design of the steel bridge construction.       


What made the project successful?

The complete steel structure of the footbridges was manufactured and assembled in the required terms and with the full satisfaction of the town of Písek.               

81.7 meters
3.3 meters
Tekla Structures