Orogel Overhead Bridge

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Orogel Overhead Bridge
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Construction of an aerial tunnel connecting two industrial buildings

The project involves the construction of an aerial tunnel connecting two industrial buildings, as part of the development works of the Orogel production plant in Pievesistina di Cesena (F).

The tunnel’s main function will be transporting goods within the plant, in addition to serving as a pedestrian walkway for technical operators.

The structure, with internal dimensions of 5.75 meters width and 3.90 meters height, continues for a total length of about 133 meters. The track is planimetrically characterized by two curved sections with a radius equal to 40 meters and presents a height difference of about one meter between the two landing points. The entire structure is completed by cladding plates in order to create an elliptical cross section.

The geometric complexity of the work was managed with the software Grasshopper, used for both the generation of the Midas Gen structural calculation model and the generation of the Tekla Structures model.

Enser dealt with the executive design of the steel deck, substructures (reinforced concrete piles) and foundations.

The joint use of Tekla Structures and Grasshopper has made it possible to exploit all the potential of a BIM authoring tool with the parametricity and versatility of the Visual Programming tool, indispensable for solving the geometric complexity of the structure.

Tekla-Grasshopper collaboration involved:

• Modeling of steel structures

• Modeling of reinforced concrete substructures

• Modeling of cladding plates

Modeling in Tekla-Grasshopper was essential for evaluating different design solutions and quickly extrapolating all the data to be shared with the contractor, such as documents, reports, positioning data and photorealistic images.

Total length
133 meters
5.75 meters
3.90 meters
Tekla Structures