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Apex Welding and Steel Fabrication PTY LTD
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ObChecked is a specialised application designed to make finding and fixing errors in object properties which can accumulate, particularly in large projects.

It is suited to our workplace specifically because it contains available materials, lengths from local suppliers and internal marking procedures in the object evaluation algorithm.

Problem that app solves

It's specialised nature makes it more accurate than applications designed for general use.

For instance, available CHS pipe grades are dependent on the size and wall thickness. Such comparisons are not possible in generalised applications, but they are things we spend lots of time checking and fixing during each project.

Check here the profile validation criteria and name validation criteria.


Feedback so far has been all positive, but as it was only completed a few days ago so it hasn't yet had a proper run amongst the team.

Particular mention was made on the professional icons and neat GUI, as well as the smooth interaction with objects between the list and the model.

What will likely go unnoticed is the fact that it uses multi-threading, so the system does not 'hang' while it imports 1000s of objects.

Development project

Although it took 6 months to develop this application, much of my 'background' code, control handling, registry handling and extension functions etc. have been progressively developed by myself over the last 10 years.

Source code

Download the source code here ›

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Chloe Kelvin Garcia, Apex Welding and Steel Fabrication PTY LTD, Australia

About the company - Apex Welding and Steel Fabrication


Apex Welding is a steel fabricator. Almost ten years ago they began to hire their own in-house detailers, of which I was one of two. We now have team of five.

I have been developing small desktop applications in my spare time (unprofessionally) for about fifteen years. Only in the last year or two have I been trying my hand at Tekla APIs.



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6 months


This Tekla Structures application, ObChecked , is for model object checking.