Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel

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Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel
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Oostingh Staalbouw BV
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Largest hotel of the Benelux

This hotel is set to be the largest hotel of the Benelux, with 650 rooms.

The complex includes a television studio, sky bar, restaurants and it also provides places for work as well as entertainment. The building contains three shifted triangular volumes with a height of 91 meters. The delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The architectural design of the building requires large cantilevers, with no visible construction in the facade. The floorplans are very different from each other because the triangular volumes are rotated in relation to each other. The point of the different triangles protrudes 12.5 meters outside the facade of the lower or upper triangle. The structural cantilever is more than 16.5 meters.

The complete engineering of ±1,300 tons of steel took about 1.5 years. Concept design was worked out at detail level together with the contractor, concrete builder and chief engineer. The biggest point of attention was the attachment of steel to concrete due to the enormous forces that act on the structure. Another point for attention was the collapse of the cantilevers. The glass facade on the construction allowed minimal tolerances. This had to be continuously monitored.


What benefits did utilizing BIM bring to the project?

The possibilities of BIM were important during the engineering and construction processes. We used communication in BIM for making complex connections of steel to concrete, stability during assembly, clash checks related to reinforcement in walls and floors, supplying necessary information per floor (amounts of reinforcement, floor types, etc.) and making the technical components visible in 3D. It is an ideal tool for communication between the customer and other parties.

±1,300 tons
91 meters
Engineering time of steel
1.5 years
Hotel rooms
Tekla Structures