New Tadjikistan airport control tower

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New Tadjikistan airport control tower
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Public projects
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Construction of control tower

This project consisted of the construction of control tower in partnership with the Meunier Company, the general contractor.

Our job specifically included the framework EX3 modeling and ironwork, the provision of the composite floor and roof as well as all the gratings. We also delivered 3D modeling from the plans (architectural model but not drawings generated by Rhino+grasshopper) with a smooth transition to the execution models/3D coordination model with framework and finishings: 3D "translation" at the worksite enabling communication with the local Tadjik labor.


The challenge of this project included 100% oversight of all fabrication and delivery stages. Our job was to build the parts and deliver the 7,200 km galvanized structure from La Rochelle, France, without having to re-galvanize due to shipping wear and tear as well as delivery of perfect fabrication including all necessary parts. In order to accomplish this, we conducted engineering studies as well as comprehensive modelling and tracing from our offices. Everything was built and galvanized in La Rochelle. Full quality control was done during fabrication, with a second one after galvanizing upon loading, as well as maximum foresight to rule out any potential errors for a long distance worksite with Tadjik labor, hence the precision of the blueprints. The project's complexity was delivering the structure by truck over 7,200 km with limited on-site crane capacity. The entire approach was to consider installation through rental equipment, then conceptualize the structure.

How have Tekla Structures and BIM benefited you? What other Trimble tools or software have you used:

Modeling enabled us to completely coordinate all the lots during meetings. Modelling each truck's load with a shipping list, but also BIM with the building shell that made up the load. We also were able to model the installation phasing in relation to the delivery by truck and receipt, because with a 21-28 day delivery timetable we also had to map out how to keep the teams on the ground working.
To do this, we also used Sketchup and Tekla BIMsight.


Total cost
5 950 000 Euros TTC
260 tonnes
Tower height
47 meters
17 meters
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