Mining and processing plant modernization

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Mining and processing plant modernization
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AAEngineering Group
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Project description

Due to the modernization project, the mining and processing plant at the Pustynnoye deposit should be able to increase production from 2 million to 2.5 million tons of ore per year. The final product of plant is special alloy Dore. Design, equipment delivery and construction works for that project had been carried out by TOO AAEngineering. Location for new buildings was supposed to be connected to the existing infrastructure of the plant, so in the early stages of the development, a photogrammetric survey was performed using UAV. The model of the existing plant helped to place the new two buildings on the territory in the best way, and also clearly demonstrate the concept of the project to customer.

Challenges and factors of success

To ensure project implementation as soon as possible, a decision was taken for simultaneous (parallel) design and construction. During construction, many changes were made to the design documentation, but thanks to the 3D model, the drawings were kept consistent and without conflicts. BIM modeling has made it possible to avoid inconsistencies and errors in design documentation, made the design process clear and raised the cooperation between the architectural and construction, technological bureau and other subcontractors to a new level.

Advantages of BIM technologies

Collaboration during the project had been arranged by using Tekla. As a result, three main tasks had been solved:

  • 3D model helped engineers of adjacent departments during the early stages of design to identify clashes
  • Model - is the information basis for further plant operation
  • Multiuser mode made it possible to divide the amount of work among designers and to shorten the duration of drawing development. In order to minimize mistakes at the stage of detailing joining elements, BIM model had been forwarded to the steel production  
  • The term for the development of detailed drawings has been reduced by 25%.


Project in figures

Two buildings had been designed and built during the framework of the project.

The total volume of steel about 900 tons. Dimensions of buildings 48х24m and 60х36m. The mark of the ridge is +25,100.

Mark of the crane rail +19,600.


AAEngineering Group

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900 tons
Time saved in drawing creation


AAENGINEERING_constructionAAENGINEERING Group model view