Mine handling material

Project name: 
Mine handling material
Project category: 
IDEA Ingenieria
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Project description

The project consisted of the design, calculation, modeling, fabrication and documentation for assembly of the structure to support the unloading of material in a dock through an open gallery and transfer towers. Tekla was used in the first moment with the import of the calculated profiles through the calculation program continuing with the detailed modeling of the whole structure incorporating reference models in dwg prepared by our client TAIM WESER, where we incorporated the machinery and applied the requirements of the project. With Tekla, we have made both the workshop documentation and the assembly successfully.

Special challenges

Work with the new version of Tekla 2016i which has been very rewarding.

What made the project successful?

Model Sharing into the project has allowed us to have greater fluency in the revision of the models and to be able to work in other work centers at the same time on the same model.