Mercedes Benz Stadium

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Mercedes Benz Stadium
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Public projects
Anatomic Iron Poland
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A very challenging and inspiring project. A future symbol of the City of Atlanta costing over a billion dollars. The special feature is the iris like closing roof and the massive steel (cambered) roof underneath, supporting it.
Anatomic took the lead, started and detailed more than half of this fixed roof – a serious effort that required the hard work of the majority part of our detailers for close to a year. In numbers: more than 20000 ton of steel, around 1500 RFI’s generated only by us and thousands more generated by others that had to be processed; multiple reference models from different trades or detailing offices; constantly revised connection packs as this roof was a very challenging project for the engineers too etc.
Massive connections, extremely complicated to model (some more than 20h, modeling hours); very complex shop drawings generated, e-plans; survey points tables etc. all are common to this project and many more. We stood up to the challenge and we overcome all these obstacles to get a successful project and a satisfied customer.