Lehigh County bridge

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Lehigh County bridge
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PennStress - A Division of MacInnis Group, LLC
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This bridge is a four lane single span bulb tee bridge with a span length of 119'. The structure was designed as total precast from the footings to the bridge deck.

- The substructure design emulates cast-in-place construction with grouted rebar splice connections between footings and walls.

- Large round voids were formed into the abutment walls using corrugated steel pipe in order to reduce the handling weight of the pieces. The voids were subsequently filled with concrete once the walls were erected.

- All horizontal members were equipped with threaded leveling devices to allow for fine elevation adjustments to footings, beam bearings, approach slabs and deck slabs.

- Once the members were in place and leveled flowable grout was injected through ports cast into the members to provide a complete and uniform bearing.

- Longitudinal post-tensioning was used to tie the deck slabs together once they were in place and the joints were grouted.

- The barriers were precasted onto the approach slabs and deck slabs to further reduce site work for the contractor