La Meca

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La Meca
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Public projects
Martifer Construções Metalomecânicas
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Project description

The work is composed of 2 reinforced concrete cores joined together by means of metal trusses on which mixed concrete slabs were applied to the execution of the respective floors.

In the area of ​​the roof and facades were also applied metal beams on which the prefabricated coating structure was applied. Complexity of the geometry of the work that forced the execution of bold connections in the metallic structure. 

The complexity of the connections between the metal structure and the reinforced concrete structure was also a challenge due to the geometry and angles of the metal structure. The good coordination and open communication between architect and designer, as well as the workmanship,  led to the discussion and approval of solutions of high complexity during the execution of the whole metallic structure.

800 tons
Tekla Structures