Komensky Bridge in Jaromer

Project name: 
Komensky Bridge in Jaromer
Project category: 
Public projects
Excon, a.s.
Project location: 
Czech Republic

The main purpose of the bridge is to provide a way for foot and bicycle traffic across Labe river. In the area of the construction site was a bridge built in 1886 but it was destroyed during the flood in 2013. The design of the bridge fulfills a request to keep historical waterfront struts.
A part of the construction is a utility tunnel which connects both shores of Labe.
The bridge is 61,445 meters long and the distance between its struts is 40,045 meters. The bridge position on the left shore is 900 mm higher than on the right one. The cross section of the bridge deck is horizontal. The width between railing is 4,5m. The left part of the bridge allows underneath traffic up to 2,5m of height. The load-bearing structure is 4650 mm high.
The construction is designed to support loads described by ČSN EN 1991-2 for a vehicle up-to 3,5 tones. The construction can also withstand a stress caused by wind as described by ČSN EN 1991-1-4 and snow loads by ČSN EN 1991-1-4.