The Kalimantan New Mosque

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The Kalimantan New Mosque
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Universitas Lambung Mangkurat; Muhammad Reza Fardian, Dwi Kurniawan, Muhammad Rizqon Cahyadi, Muhammad Nurhalis Majid
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New Kalimantan Mosque

The New Kalimantan Mosque is our contribution to our beloved country in the form of the design of the national mosque in the new capital city of Indonesia, Penajam, Paser Utara, East Kalimantan Province.

It has a main building area of approximately 1 hectare, and it’s expected to accommodate approximately 16,000 worshippers. This mosque also has 5 hallways expected to accommodate approximately 500 worshippers and the mosque’s courts expected to accommodate about 30,000 worshippers – a total capacity of up to 46,500 worshippers. The main structure of The New Kalimantan Mosque is the combination of steel and concrete of the main building, tower and fence. There is modern design element on the dome of the main building, The New Kalimantan Mosque shows classic design and elements of the original local culture of Kalimantan, which are Banjar and Dayak Tribes. Therefore, this mosque is expected to become the new icon of Indonesia in the future. The modern design of The New Kalimantan Mosque shows the fully glass form for the dome of the main building.

Besides having a modern impression, the glass dome has an attractive value on the inside of the mosque by having a sky view during daylight. By using the special glass, sunlight remains in the main room and keeps the heat outside. Another advantage of using this design is being in accordance with the government’s plan for green building designs, as it will minimize the lighting room in daylight, possibly not needing any lights at all. The modern design is also showed in the mosque’s outdoor area. Large umbrellas will protect worshippers from the heat.

The classic design of The New Kalimantan Mosque can be seen on the fence and 3 main gates which are placed on the front side, left side and right side. On the front side of the Imam’s room (leader of prayer) also has a pool with a ball-shaped stone with Allah’s name – also known as “Kaligrafi” – on that stone, which makes the entire room look classic. The wood is known in Bahasa as “Sirap” at the hallway made by the ironwood or also known as “Ulin” in Bahasa, adopted by the roof of the Banjar Traditional House. Furthermore, it has also “Tatah Kandang Rasi”, which is a nickname for the fence on the Banjar Traditional House placed on the inside part of the fence which is the place for worshippers to take ablutions before praying.

It has “Tatah Atas Lolongkang” decorations with the jaruju leaf motif and cape flower also known as “Bunga Tanjung” in Bahasa, which are placed on the tower’s beams and the ablution waterflow. It also has The Dayak Carvings which are placed on the wall side of the tower. The great dome on the New Kalimantan Mosque is not only of precious value, but it also has the main aim of not using columns in the center of the mosque building. 


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