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Renovation of the entrance of the Imelda Hospital

The renovation of the entrance of the Imelda Hospital in Bonheiden, Belgium was designed by Boeckx Architects and constructed by Bedrijfsbouw Verelst.

On the ground level there will be reception counters and rooms to take samples and do examinations, as well as a cafeteria. On the first floor there will be meeting rooms.

Due to the arbitrary shapes and twisted levels, this design was asking to be modeled in 3D to get a good view of all the different connections. The small amount of columns on the ground level made it necessary to first make the calculations for the wooden beams. Our subcontractor did so by basing himself on the reference model provided by the engineering office. Afterwards, this model became our base to model the beams of the basement and the columns on the first floor. It eventually became the base for modeling shop drawings for Betonbouw Verelst and Ergon.

Prefabricated wall panels, roof panels and wall finishing panels were all ordered from lists which came out of the model.

The steel structure was further detailed in Tekla as well, by Staalbouw Verelst.

Organizing to get all the materials on site at the right time and in the right place, as well as erecting the structure, was all done using Trimble Connect.

This working method allowed us to respect the short time available, in the preparation phase at the offices and also on site.


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