Home for the elderly Magnolia

Project name: 
Home for the elderly Magnolia
Project category: 
UPB engineering
Project location: 

New 7-storey apartment building

New 7-storey apartment building in Sköndal, Stockholm, Sweden.

Location of project  – 10km from Stockholm’s central station. Mainly concrete frame building with brick sandwich outer walls and 3 staircases. Middle staircase with straight gray concrete stairs. Both side staircases with spiral terrazzo stairs. Balconies will be on columns. 


What were the challenges and what made the project successful?

The most important challenge for design engineers was the technology of multi-layer walling designing. The facades are made of four-layer sandwich panels with an internal supporting concrete layer, solid insulation, an external concrete layer and a decorative brick decorative layer. The ability to work in a three-dimensional environment, the use of custom components and Tekla Structures libraries determined the high quality of the assembly units, panel joints, avoided the appearance of cold bridges and qualitatively reinforced elements and, most importantly, achieved the effect of visual continuity of the brick facade. The appearance of the building facades after sealing and sealing the joints was highly appreciated by the customer and is practically indistinguishable from a building made of full-fledged brick.

Successful interaction with other process participants and communication with factory equipment during the project. 

The owner noted the high speed and quality of the installation work, the level of elaboration of sets of drawings, both at the stage of coordination and documentation with all related sections of the project, and during installation of the structures.


The project in numbers

Base amounts (in tender stage):
• Steel constructions – 65 t
• HCS265 – 6 765 m2
• Massive slabs – 275 m2
• Massive walls – 2 900 m2
• Total building area – 8 500m2
• Project team – 5 members
• Project duration – 11 months 


Project parties:

Architects: Tema Gruppen AB
Developer: Ikano Bostad AB
Contractor: Constrera AB
Subcontractor: UPB

Hollow core slabs
6 765
Metal structures
65 tons
Working group
5 people
Project deadlines
11 months
Tekla Structures