Hinkley Point C

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Hinkley Point C
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United Kingdom

EdF are developing and constructing a new nuclear power station at the Hinkley Point site in Somerset.

The new power station will be known as Hinkley Point C (HPC), and will be constructed adjacent to the existing Hinkley Point A and B stations. The power plant will consist of two new nuclear reactors capable of generating 3.2GW of energy, which will provide low carbon energy to 6 million homes. HPC is due to start producing electricity in 2025. Atkins have been contracted to provide the detailed design of a number of work packages. These include the technical galleries, which are a series of underground tunnels connecting the structures above, as well as a large number of the buildings that support the generation of electricity.

As part of the detailed design packages, Atkins are to provide a fully integrated 3D reinforcement model. This is being undertaken using Tekla Structures.

Atkins and other design engineers are using Tekla Structures to detail the rebar because

  • Repetitive tasks are easily automated
  • Data integration and management are improved
  • Design and construction are better integrated around constructible model
  • Quality assurance improvements
  • RFI's are reduced
  • Standardization is improved


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