Geneve Airport

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Geneve Airport
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Public projects
Martifer Construções Metalomecânicas
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500 meters long airport gate

This project is an airport gate 500m in length, including all accesses to both air side and land side of the infrastructure, as well as underground technical galleries.

It is a desirable project because it is being executed in an international airport. It is an operation with quite specific conditions, both in terms of security and logistics, as it is a work outside of the Schengen space.


Special challenges

This project included foundry parts that are coupled to very thick tubes by welding. The entire assembly process had to be studied, taking into account the logistics of an operating airport.


What made the project succesfull?

The coordination between general contractor, architectural and calculation teams as well as with the other specialties allowed for the resolution of problems in a relatively short time. The use of IFC models with specialties has shortened decision times.

500 meters
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