Finansparken Bjergsted

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Finansparken Bjergsted
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Degree of Freedom

Bjergsted Financial Park, an innovative timber framed office building in Stavanger 

Finansparken Bjergsted is an office building recently built in Stavanger, Norway, for SpareBank 1.

The structural system above ground level uses timber as the principal load bearing elements (a natural, renewable and readily available local material). Floors are cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels supported by glued laminated timber beams and columns. For strength and complex geometrical requirements, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) made of beech is also used. The three basement levels and the four communications and services cores are of reinforced concrete. Mass timber structural elements are engineered for strength and are prefabricated with strict tolerances for a rapid construction process using mainly direct contact timber connections, without metal fasteners. The beams are shaped and fabricated with openings to suit both the architectural aesthetics and services requirements by means of a fully integrated BIM system. 

This project uses a traditional building material, timber, combined with modern design, detailing and fabrication techniques. Degree of Freedom has been involved, as part of the design team, from concept design through to construction. We have worked in conjunction with the architects Helen & Hard and Saaha during the whole process and during the preliminary design we have had the remarkable technical support from Creation Holz, as timber experts. We have had also a close collaboration with Moelven Limtre AS, who is the main fabricator of the timber elements.


Building information modelling 

The use of BIM is increasingly common in Scandinavia for both building and infrastructure projects. Here the client required all disciplines, from the preliminary design stage onward, to share information via a global BIM model. Each discipline, working with their chosen 3D drawing software, exports into the IFC format. The IFC files are then combined into the global model, in SMC format. The combined model is used by the BIM manager to perform clash tests and for interdisciplinary coordination. 

It is very important to highlight that the BIM model from designers is used directly by the Timber fabricator, translated into their own software, and later use for the CNC machine at the factory There is no additional form/shop drawings, as everything is detailed in 3D. 


The design of Finansparken Bjergsted is innovative in its use of a traditional building material, timber, as the load bearing structure in a modern office building. It takes advantage of advanced prefabricated timber elements that are engineered for strength and can be prefabricated with strict tolerances for a rapid construction process. Connections are also designed, where possible, to transfer forces directly between timber members with mini- mal steel parts. Self-tapping timber screws and steel threaded rods are used as local reinforcement in accordance with the latest technology. The inherent advantages of BIM have been used from preliminary design through to fabrication.