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Filip Strzyżewski - Politechnika Wrocławska

Conception of reconstruction of the old Main Train Station in Poznań

The model was created as a result of learning TEKLA software as well as in order to take part in the TEKLA BIM AWARDS 2020. It presents as a conception of reconstruction of the old Main Train Station in Poznań (Poland).

The north facade is inspired by the Poznań main station building with an arcade entrance and an elevated hall based on pillars from the 1940s. The stairs from the hall lead to an underpass, which links platforms on both sides of the station.

In the furthest part of the building, which is frame structured, three main objects connected by an underground parking and two overground floors can be seen. In the center, there are two sections which are seven floors high and one section which is five floors high and placed to the south.

The old part of the station building is designed as a commuting center with a traveler service desk, ticket offices and shopping facilities. The modernist part would become an office and apartment space, with the ground floor being used for railway infrastructure services and other shopping facilities.


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