Entertainment and social center

Project name: 
Entertainment and social center
Project category: 
Skála & Vít s.r.o.
Project location: 
Czech Republic

Our office designed the steel construction of the roof for the entertainment center called Central Kladno. The main construction is made from one steel grid with six roof-lights carried by a framed  structure and contains four other constructions for roof-lights. Detailed documentation was created for all the parts above. The initial design had to be optimized first and then the whole documentation for manufacturing and on site completing was created. The construction weights 723 tons with a ground plan 138 m x 154 m. Five people collaborated on the model and the documentation. There was a strict procedure which had to be followed to ensure that the whole process will go correctly. This project was done within two months during which every week a new set of documentation describing 50  - 100 tons of steel was created.