Ensemble Immobilier Le "Quai Aux Vivres"

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Ensemble Immobilier Le "Quai Aux Vivres"
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Project Description

Historical monuments law program: the military Quai aux vivres in Rochefort Citadelle under the name of the Royal armory was created from scratch at the request of Louis XIV. Construction was completed in 1673 formerly known as "Magasins aux vivres" (provision stores). The project, Restoration of various housing buildings (number 242 from T1 to T4) with a restaurant and underground parking.

Total area 14,500 m²


What were the challenges encountered that contributed to the project's success?

  • To implement underground parking in the main court and in the caves of buildings.
  • To preserve and restore the set of buildings for the exteriors and redesign the frames.
  • The top of the parking is covered with an esplanade in white prefabricated concrete.


Total cost
40 million €
14 500
Pieces of white concrete