Development Dock

Project name: 
Development Dock
Project category: 
Small projects
FP McCann
Project location: 
United Kingdom

Automated detailing of commercial ‘Dock Pits’

This model is a development model for FP McCann. It shows how the tools for the automated detailing of commercial ‘Dock Pits’ will be built.

Designed solely using custom components, the model demonstrates how to create geometry and reinforcement in mere minutes. However, the work is not yet complete and there are a few elements that still need to be fully automated.

The model has been based on a previously live, but now completed, project. This project took two detailers over a day to complete using 2D Autocad.

In a preliminary test of the tools designed in house at FP McCann, as well as the use of Tekla’s quick drawing processes, the project took one detailer just under four hours to complete from a blank project to completed GA'S and RC drawings.

Allowing the detailers to work to either British Standards or Eurocodes, the tools provide a great deal of design flexibility with very little complication.

Intelligence has also been added to the tools. ‘Lifters’ for instance are self-calculating dependent on the cast unit weight CoG and, the confines of geometry and reinforcement laps are self-determining based upon bar sizes, concrete grade and detailing method.