Dangjin Biomass Power Plant Filter

Project name: 
Dangjin Biomass Power Plant Filter
Project category: 
TDS Midlands Ltd
Project location: 
Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Filtration system for Dangjin Biomass No. 2 Power Plant Project Boiler

The new boiler island will be located next to the Dangjin Biomass No. 1 Power Plant. Commercial operation of the new plant is scheduled for 2021. 

Our role on this project was to model and edit drawings for the filter of the facility and more specifically the under structure, hoppers, casings, top boxes, inlet and outlet ducting, bypass ducts, penthouse, top doors, blow tube assemblies, several access platforms, access ladders, escape ladders, staircase tower, hundreds of metres of handrails, steps, gratings and several mechanical parts.


What were the challenges and what made the project successful

The biggest challenge on this job was the size, along with a very tight and demanding time-schedule. However, our team was able to overcome these challenges by working closely with the client, following their instructions and methods to successfully deliver our drawings. A combination of BIM, GA drawings and Tekla was crucial to the success of this project, as this allowed us to produce highly accurate and complex drawings while collaborating with the client every step of the way.


What benefits utilizing BIM and Tekla Software brought to the project

The sheer size of the project lended itself to the power of Tekla, where we could phase multiple parts off for working by several members of staff all at the same time. IFC's were regularly used, along with model screenshots to share progress with the client whilst also being able to show clear details and ensure fabrication/welding would not have any unforeseen issues. Tekla BIMsight models were also used again to enable the client to view and pan round the model.


The project in numbers

66011 elements, over 350 tons of steelwork (a large proportion being plate work), 25 meters high, 26 meters long, 13 meters wide.

Project details
350 tons
Dimensions (width x height)
13 x 25 m
Tekla Structures