Construction of gas purification

Project name: 
Construction of gas purification
Project category: 
Pmtech, ООО
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About the project

The project allows for the installation of a new type of electrostatic precipitator and a trapped dust transport system in a storage bunker for subsequent return to expanded clay production.

The installation will positively affect the ecology of production and the ecological situation of the region as a whole. Planning the construction process and structures assembling using an informational model at the site, training owners’ departments will utilize the model during the exploitation, organizing single access to the model as well as project information for the designers and the owner.


What were the challenges and what made the project successful?

Tekla Structures were chosen for the high-quality and enriched information 3D modeling of steel and reinforced concrete structures. Coordination for design and construction precision, coordination of the equipment and steel-frame installation, as well as planning the equipment maintenance sites. Project development was carried out in accordance with applicable scientific and technical standards, and the safe operation of industrial facilities.


The main stages of the work:

• Design scheme, transfer of geometry from Tekla Structures for the estimation
• Use and edit the catalogs of profiles and materials; creation and editing of bolted, welded joints

• Various elements of steel structures and modeling

• Utilizing catalogs of components

• Generation of reports and specifications from the Tekla Structures model

• Checking for collisions and clashes within the 3D model

• Formation of drawings of stages of design and drawings from Tekla Structures

• Сoordination with Tekla Structures and other CAD software systems for technological solutions


Organization role:

General designer, construction supervision (planning of the construction process and assembly of structures using the BIM-model at the construction site)


The project in numbers

  • Level of development – LOD400 
  • Modeling duration – 4 months 
  • Total steel – 53.6 tons 
  • Height of structures – 21.0 meters
Level of development
Modeling duration
4 months
53,6 tonnes
Height of structures
21,0 meters
Tekla Structures