Congress Hall A - O2 ARÉNA

Project name: 
Congress Hall A - O2 ARÉNA
Project category: 
EXCON, a.s.
Project location: 
Czech Republic

Steel structures for the so-called ‘Small O2 Arena’

The project solves the steel structures of the so-called ‘Small O2 Arena’ in Prague as part of its conversion to a congress arena.

The existing OK ‘square’ was dismantled and a new steel structure of the future hall ‘A’ was installed. The purpose of this ceiling is to:

  • create a walkable space under the laminated glass roof on the level of approx. +10.915 and thus create two conference halls. It is assumed that the payload will be 400kg / m2 (500kg / m2) and 500kg / m2 on communication areas (corridors).
  • transfer the  weight of the required composition defined by the construction part of the documentation

Special challenges   

A very complex spatial shape of steel construction. Little time to design, supply and assemble steel structures.       


What made the project successful?

The complete steel structure of the building was manufactured and assembled within the required deadlines.   

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