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Completing the Cannes "le CINEUM" Multiplex

The project involves completing the Cannes "le CINEUM" Multiplex.

Located near the airport, Cinéum Cannes is also adjacent a future university campus and a business incubator. This development is part of a veritable transformation of the western area adjacent to Cannes geared toward new media. 9,000 m2 €19.8 million in construction 12 theaters, 2,426 seats, 1 exhibition space dedicated to the 7th art 7 dining spaces 17 months of construction: 3rd quarter 2020 delivery.


The main challenge of the project was designing the UHPC facade pillars on the concrete walls all while integrating the emergency exit stairwells. For that, significant technical coordination was done with the architect to best position the UHPC panel pillars. The complexity also corresponds to the geometry and direction of the panels. It was necessary to design a fastener between the UHPC and the framework to provide several degrees of space.

How have Tekla Structures and BIM benefited you? What other Trimble tools or software have you used:

Tekla Structures enabled us to work with different project management firms through IFC file collaboration. Through Tekla BIMsight, we coordinated meetings with the various contractors and identified different project impediments.

Project parties

Architects:  Rudy Ricciotti
General Contractor:  CARDINAL EDIFICE
UHPC:  Lamoureux et Ricciotti
Rough Work: Riviera Concrete Steelwork Structure: roof - UELD exterior stairs and UHPC pillars: SEEI Engineering UHPC: Lamoureux et Ricciotti Project Management: VERITAS - Côte d'Azur SEEI completed construction drawings on the shells supporting the UHPC facade (ultra high-performance concrete panels) as well as emergency exit stairways.

Total cost of works
19,8 million euros
Floor area
5500 m²
Tekla Structures