Chenab Bridge

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Chenab Bridge
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WSP Finland
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Chenab Bridge is located in the Jammu and Kashmir area in the northern part of India. It crosses the river Chenab near the village of Kauri. It is part of the new Baramulla−Srinagar−Udhamptur railway connection. The total length of the bridge is 1315 m. The free span length of the bridge is 467 m. measured from the surface of the river below, the height of the bridge deck is 350 m. Thus, Chenab Bridge is the tallest and longest-spanning railway bridge of its type in the world. It contains approximately 25,000 tons of steel.

Chenab Bridge is an arch bridge completely made of steel. Also the deck of the bridge is of steel. Foundations and the approach viaduct piers are made of concrete. The arch is erected using a cableway crane. The deck is launched into its place. In practice, all the assembly joints are bolted. The amount of bolts is around 600,000. The bridge is founded on the bedrock. The foundations of the arch are approximately 40 m high and 50 m wide.